Yes, I know, this isn't the first time that I've made this statement in the last year or so...... But I SWEAR THIS TIME IT'S TRUE!!!!!! The Long awaited return of COZ is here!!!!!!!! HE'S BIGGER!! HE'S BETTER!! HE'S BLACKER!!! (ok, i'm still white, but hey i was on a roll there!) To make a long story short...I just moved to Chicago, i'm posting from my office and i'll be online from home as soon as my new cable modem gets hooked up (within the next week or two) And i'm gonna need BattleCom again!! Your Favorite Galactic Smart-Ass, Cosmic T. Rogue PS you know you've been gone too long when you have 6 different logins for the damn chat boards and can't remember a password for any of them

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