Players of the Shadowland expansion have penetrated the highly secretive game area known as Pandemonium. This area, never revealed or talked about before it was finally unearthed by players, is a high level area that very few players have ever entered - the area is designed to give players the most challenging game experience possible in Funcom's sci-fi flavored MMOG. The seventh level of Shadowlands is very difficulty to get into, forcing players who want to enter to take a hazardous journey through underwater challenges, poisonous fog, hell frozen over and unbearable heat. Several members of guild group Fat Jaws Badness....... I mean Synergy Factor were the very first individuals to accomplish this major milestone. While the ultimate boss of Pandemonium has yet to be beaten (according to Funcom), if we have learned one thing from MMOG power players, it's that no monster is unbeatable and no challenge is impossible.

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