As some of you already know, the old webhost decided to shut down and run away without giving me notice, refunds or anything else. If you see JERREMY CHARLES or ADDVALUEHOST.COM any where in the world or on the internet, please kick their ass or let me know so I can do it for you. It has been a royal pain getting stuff together and trying to reclaim our domains. In the process we gained a new domain and it will be the new domain of the site ( Instead of looking for another shady host I have started my own webhosting company and I will be hosting the site myself. Because of that, please let me know anytime that the site is not working right or if you cannot connect to it. It has cost me a small fortune to get everything working again, and I do NOT want it to wasted on the site not running as desired. Those of you who had emails or want a email, please let me know which you prefer so I can reactivate/create them. Also let me know if there are any huge files that you want me to put up for download now that we have a ton of space and one FAT ASS pipe. Along with the change, please note that the Ventrilo server is now hosted at instead of Please let me know if you have any problems with Ventrilo or the site as well as if there is anything that you would like for me to change. Your enjoyment is the best thanks I can get. So enjoy.

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