Hello new members! Welcome to RIB v3.0. If you have a friend that would like to join the guild, just let Opeth, Graco, or Kmoney know. If you are wondering why guild chat is so quiet, this is because we use Voice Chat. Everyone is encouraged to join us even if you do not have a microphone yet. Please download Ventrilo from <a href=http://fatjawsbadness.net/files/ventrilo-2.1.4-Windows-i386.exe target=blank>this</a> location. The server address that you need to connect to is www.fatjawsbadness.net. Or you can click <a href=ventrilo://fatjawsbadness.net:3784/servername=Fat_Jaws_Badness target=blank>connect to server</a> on the top right of the page.

Important! Ventrilo will ask you if you wan't to upgrade the first time you run it. Please do not, because the server runs version 2.1.4.

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