ATI'S CATALYST team managed to do a great job in the past few quarters. These guys were working hard to improve software support and month by month the team has managed to release a new Catalyst driver. It improves some compatibility and other options with every single revision.

While most of ATI's driver updates are just bug fixes, this time ATI will give you a much needed free performance increase, coming with the new Catalyst 5.6 driver.

ATI will soon introduce its Catalyst 5.6 driver and we have the feeling that this might happen on the seventh of June, we might be wrong about the date, it's not yet specific but you never know.

Once you install this new driver you should see around ten per cent plus performance increase in 3Dmark05, Aquamark 3 and Halo and Tomb Raider: AOD games and benchmarks. ATI did this by using some Z optimisations, removing unseen pixels before running through the pixel shaders. I guess that this is an allowed method and Halo might be running even fifteen per cent faster.

The Chronicles of Riddick will work up to fifteen per cent faster than with the old Catalyst 5.5 drivers and ATI did more efficient storage of vertex data and gained some performance that way too.

Doom 3 will work almost twenty per cent faster than with Catalyst 5.5 as ATI made more efficient use of memory.

Even games such as Call of Duty will benefit from this new driver as the driver team managed to increase the game efficiency resulting in close to ten per cent faster performance.

The game that will benefit the most is Lock on: Modern Air combat where you will be able to see an incredible fifty per cent performance increase just by installing a new 5.6 Catalyst driver.

ATI catalyst AI enables texture compression of the clouds resulting with no visual impact and massive performance impact at the same time. Sounds good to us if it works like described. We know that Nvidia test team will definitely try to find any image quality flaws and problems and scream to the rest of the world if it found any difference. We would do it too so let's hope that all is correct here.

The new Catalyst comes in just a few days, it's free and I recommend you get it, if you have an ATI card, and enjoy it.

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