We are experiencing power problems in our Virginia Datacenter. There is a power outage affecting the entire building. We are running on backup power, but the generators have not taken the power load from the UPS. Therefore, we have taken the rather extreme action of shutting down servers before we experience irreparable hardware failure. We are in constant communication with the engineers and expect to have the situation rectified ASAP. We apologize for this inconvenience and will update you as soon as possible. - The building where our datacenter is located lost power. - The UPS systems did function properly and carried the power load. - The generators did start, however the transfer switch that moves load from commercial power to generator power did not function properly. - The UPS batteries were drained because the generator power could not be transferred. - The UPS system does not power the HVAC units, so the temperature inside the datacenter climbed very quickly, forcing us to shut down ALL servers to prevent heat from damaging hardware and data. The generators and UPS systems are the responsibility of the building owners which we are leasing space from, and they were tested and expected to work properly. It has not yet been determined why the generator power was not transferred properly.

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